Scallops on the Half-Shell:

Scallops on the Half-Shell

The “Half-Shell” products from V2O are the ultimate in natural foods for marine (or freshwater) aquarium fish! These bivalves are shocked with the raw, fresh meaty parts still attached to one-half of the shell. As the product settles on the bottom aquarium substrate, the fish will hover around and pick at the meat, bit by bit, in a frenzy of natural feeding behavior until food is consumed. Some fish will even munch on the shell which can grind down teeth and aid in digestive function. The Scallops provide the perfect nourishment for larger carnivores in the aquarium. The strong adductor muscle is tough and excellent for fish with strong teeth and jaws such as triggers, puffers, and large wrasses. Your fish are sure to enjoy! No other frozen food manufacturer supplies this unique product.

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