Reef Caviar

Reef Caviar:

Reef CaviarThe perfect Natural food for Reef Aquaria and NATURALLY loaded with beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids. Corals, Filter-feeding Invertebrates, small Butterflies, Angelfish, Wrasses and even Mandarins will voraciously consume these delicate tiny fish eggs.

Available in 100 g, 200g, and 1lb. bulk

Ingredients & Analysis:

Fresh frozen unprocessed roe (eggs) from Icelandic Capelin fish, HUFA Supplement, Potassium ascorbate source of Stabilized vitamin C
Protein (Min.); 22.1%, Lipids (Min.); 6.4%, Fiber (Max.); 1.3%, Moisture (Max.); 67.9%, Dry Weight Protein; 50.6%