Oyster Eggs

Oyster Eggs:

Oyster Eggs

Oyster eggs are a natural food for corals, larval invertebrates, and many, many developmental stages of life in the marine environment.  The size of the eggs averages around  ??,  a very minute food item for very tiny critters in the ocean.

Oyster eggs are very popular among aquarium hobbyists and widely used as coral food.

These tiny, delicate eggs spawned from Marine Oysters are a perfect and natural food for Filter-Feeding Invertebrates including many Marine Corals and Sponges in a Reef Aquarium. Small pieces of Oyster ovarian tissue are mixed with the eggs and provide an excellent treat for small Reef Aquarium fishes.

Available in 50g and 100g Blister Cubes

Ingredients & Analysis:

Fresh Frozen Oyster Eggs, water sufficient for processing, Stabilized vitamin C
Protein (Min.); 6.2%, Lipids (Min.); 3.5%, Fiber (Max.); 0.4%, Moisture (Max.); 88%, Dry Weight Protein; 51.6%