NEW VISION DRY FOODS – with Soft & Moist Pellets


The original ALL-IN-ONE Flake/Pellet Blend for Marine Fish

  • A unique Blend of Pellets and Flakes
  • Coated with 100% PURE Antarctic Krill Oil
  • “Cold-processed” flake foods provide LIVE PROBIOTICS
  • Essential Nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Feeds all of the Aquarium – surface, bottom, and middles.

The first of it’s kind, this special blend is made up of four different pellet foods and two flake foods, thoroughly mixed and then coated with 100% PURE Antarctic Krill Oil and a sprinkling of dry Krill Protein Meal. The flakes are Aquaculture “cold-processed” and never heated above 120 F, thus preserving LIVE PROBIOTICS as well as delicate, critical nutrients like pigments, Vitamin C, amino acids, essential enzymes and Omega 3 fatty acids.

FISH LOVE IT! Some pieces float, some sink, and some stay in the middle. To prevent skimming of the flakes, immerse the food physically underwater while feeding.

Use the V2O CORAL FEEDER syringe tool for easier feeding.

New Vision MINI

For TARGET feeding and BROADCAST feeding to small/tiny fish, live corals and filter-feeding invertebrates – SPS & LPS corals, gorgonians, anemones, zoanthids, and feather dusters.

This food is essentially the same as our NEW VISION Pellet and Flake food blend for fish, only ground to a finer particle size for feeding corals. This means it does contain LIVE PROBIOTICS and the more abundant nutrients present in the two cold-processed flake foods. The four pellet foods/micro-encapsulated formulas complete the full-spectrum nutrition package finished with the final coating of Antarctic Krill Oil and Krill Protein particles. Particles range in size is from 300 microns to 1mm.

The product has dual functions: The heavier particles will sink and can, therefore, be TARGET fed to LPS Corals. The lighter particles will stay suspended in the tank water so they can be fed by BROADCASTING throughout the water column for SPS Corals and other FILTER-FEEDING invertebrates.

This food should be thoroughly “wetted” or mixed with a few ounces of aquarium water before use. TARGET feed to LPS Corals and BROADCAST to all filter-feeders. In either case, use the V2O CORAL FEEDER syringe tool for easier feeding.




Soft & Moist PELLETS for Marine Fish & LPS Corals

  • Irresistible Flavor and EZ-to-Feed Soft & Moist texture
  • Nutritious Seafood and Spirulina ingredients + Astaxanthin pigments
  • Coated with 100% PURE Antarctic Krill Oil and Krill Protein sprinkles
  • Sinking pellets - Perfect for AUTOMATIC FEEDERS
  • Available in 1.2 mm and 2.4 mm pellets sizes

Marine Krill

It’s all About the FLAVOR and EZ-to-FEED soft & moist palatability that 95% of marine fish simply cannot resist! This nutritious formula includes fish and seafood ingredients,


 fish oil, Spirulina algae, Astaxanthin pigment, and vitamins, amino acids, and trace nutrients. In the final production stage, the pellets are

coated with 100% PURE Antarctic Krill Oil and a sprinkling of Krill Protein particles.

An excellent, convenient and nutritious supplement to Frozen of Live Foods. It’s a perfect food for an AUTOMATIC FEEDER because the pellets sink easily with no chance of surface-skimming.

Available in two pellets sizes – 1.2 mm for fish generally under 3 inches and 2.4 mm for larger fish. Also, TARGET feed the 1.2 mm pellet for LPS Corals, using the unique V2O CORAL FEEDER syringe.