Coral Food Mix: 

A very special mixture of tiny zooplankton critters mixed with Spirulina, Isochrysis, and Nanochloropsis (three types of phytoplankton). It provides a complete and nutritious diet for all types of live corals (stony corals & soft corals) and other filter-feeding marine invertebrates.

Available in 100g, 200g, and 1 lb. bulk

Ingredients & Analysis:

Rotifers Brachionus sp., Cyclops copepods Cyclops sp., Moina Moina sp., Phytoplankton Chlorella sp., Spirulina Spirulina sp., Potassium ascorbate
Protein (Min.); 6.8%, Lipids (Min.); 1.6%, Fiber (Max.); 0.7%, Moisture (Max.); 87.8%, Total Omega3 Fatty Acids; 0.7%