Frozen Bloodworms rival the Brine Shrimp in being the most commonly used aquarium fish food with the longest history in the aquarium trade.  They are mostly used in freshwater aquaria, but they are ubiquitous throughout the world.   In areas such as Hong Kong where bloodworms are cultured nearby, they are even sold LIVE on the street corners where they are portioned out one small scoop at a time.

Bloodworms are not actually “worms” but rather the wormlike larval stage of the midge fly, Chironomus sp, which are small, delicate flies that resemble mosquitoes but do not bite.  The flies often “dance” in the air in large swarms over water where they lay their eggs.  The eggs hatch into larvae which live in the mud bottom of shallow ponds where they filter-feed on phytoplankton.   The larvae contain hemoglobin in the blood (which aids survival in low oxygen conditions) and are bright red in color.  Thus, the name, bloodworms.

The farming and harvesting of bloodworms is very labor intensive and is basically restricted to third-world countries where low-income  workers wade in the ponds with rakes and nets which they drag through the mud to screen out the small, red larvae.  The worms are quickly transported to the production facility where they are thoroughly and repeatedly rinsed to rid them of all mud and debris.  Once cleaned, the worms are mixed with freshwater and packaged either in flat plastic bags or in plastic blister cube-trays.  The freshness and vitality of the worms is essential.  Weak or dead worms are discarded or fed to fish at the local fish farms.   Only the live, robust worms are packaged and, sorry to say for those who are squeamish, they are frozen while they are still moving.

The result is that the quality of the V2O FROZEN BLOODWORMS  is excellent.  Scientific research has shown bloodworms to be a very adequate food for freshwater omnivorous aquarium fish.  The protein and essential amino acid levels are strong, as are the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Nearly all carnivorous and herbivorous freshwater fish will readily consume bloodworms.  Even Discus, which are widely known for being among the pickiest eaters in the hobby, commonly accept and thrive on frozen bloodworms.

Although mostly used for feeding freshwater aquaria, there are many in the marine hobby who swear by bloodworms also.  Provided the worms are a clean and quality product (we like to say “big, fat and red) without the presence of the discolored carcasses or empty skins, we at V2O recommend bloodworms for many marine species with butterflies and wrasses topping the list.

In summary, frozen bloodworms are an excellent source of protein and fatty acids.  Their appearance is that of a very natural food item and their flavor is attractive to nearly all aquarium fish.   They are perhaps the number one frozen fish food worldwide and that popularity is not likely to change in the future.

These bloodworms are JUMBO size - big, fat, red and juicy - the way your fish love them! They are quickly processed 3 times through the purification stages to ensure freshness and cleanliness. This food is excellent for all tropical fish, both freshwater and marine.

Available in 100 g, 200g, and 1lb. bulk